You are not alone. Managers and business leaders today are in a constant quest for improvement. They employ consultants, adopt the latest technologies, or try to lower costs by outsourcing and downsizing.

Very often these initiatives fail to deliver as promised, or are matched quickly by nimble global competitors. Managers are frustrated by their inability to gain any form of sustainable advantage.

And yet, every day, all over the world, millions of working people see problems and opportunities that their managers don’t. They have plenty of good ideas to save money or time, increase revenue, make their jobs easier, improve productivity, quality or the customer experience, or to make the company better in some other way.

But no one listens to them. Either their managers don’t realize the power of employee ideas, or they have never learned how to tap this power effectively. There is a lot to know, much of which is counterintuitive.

Today, the best managers companies get and implement more than fifty ideas per person per year from their front-line employees. There is no reason why this couldn’t happen in your organization too! It is purely a matter of management know-how and will.

Alan G. Robinson and Dean M. Schroeder are perhaps the foremost experts in the world on how to get ideas from front-line employees. Their book Ideas Are Free: How the Idea Revolution Is Liberating People and Transforming Organizations is based on their research and consulting experience in more than 300 organizations in 17 countries. They have extensive experience at helping managers at all levels, and in all kinds of organizations – tap the extraordinary power in their employees’ ideas

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